SkyMG-1000 Gateway

SkyMG-1000 Gateway

SkyMG slim 1U/2U height rack mountable, 8/16xASI input max.,2xGigE,real time ASI<->IP conversion with embedded de-multiplex

DTE-31xx Compact Sized Gateway

DTE-31xx Compact Sized Gateway

Compact sized real time ASI-to-IP or IP-to-ASI conversion tool,support Power-over-Ethernet(PoE)

StreamXplorer Portable Analyzer

StreamXplorer Portable Analyzer

Portable stream and RF signal analyzer for MPEG-2& H.264; Multi-Standard HD/SD; Multi-input format

StreamGrabber TS Recorder/Player

StreamGrabber TS Recorder/Player

Looped and Scheduled Recording, PID filtering, Remote Control through SNMP, Multi-input:ASI,TSoIP,RF

Elemental Live

Elemental Live

Elemental Live is a video processing system that provides content producers and distributors with video and audio encoding for live streaming to new media platforms.

Elemental Server

Elemental Server

Elemental Server is a file-based video processing system that provides fast and reliable video transcoding for broadcast and multiscreen video applications.

SkyMG-2000 Gateway

SkyMG-2000 Gateway

Converts ASI to TSoIP or TSoIP to ASI (x6); Supports UDP, RTP, 2D FEC (SMPTE-2022); Web control

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