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SKYDIGITA was founded by DTV professionals in 2004.  Our team has tens of years experience in DTV datacasting, CE products design and  testing. The comprehensive knowledge about various DTV standard includes: DVB, ATSC, DTMB(China standard), ISDB-T, CMMB. Our strength lies in DVB-CI/CI+ integration and testing,  receiver compliance testing for new generation DVB Standard: DVB-T2/C2/S2, head-end equipments and systems like: ASI-IP or IP-ASI gateway, DTV and IPTV monitoring sytem, Transcoder, IRD.


Our foot print covers different areas in the whole DTV chain: Operator, CA company, ASIC company, Middleware provider, STB/iDTV design house, STB/iDTV manufacturer. The company ties up with leading technology partners and professional testing labs to serve the market needs, SKYDIGITA has received recognition from customers through years serving.


Headquartered in Shenzhen China, SKYDIGITA has set up offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Beijing to serve regional customer better.


Your Satisfaction, Our Mission.


Our products and service include:

*     DTV & IPTV head-end system

Ø        Transcoder: format conversion between MPEG2, H.264 and others, I/O interfaceASIIP,file

Ø         Encoder: MPEG-2, H.264, SD/HD, interface:HDMISDIHD-SDI

Ø         DTV and IPTV monitoring system: SkyMonitor target the digial video quality monitoring based on HFC and IP infrastructure, it covers every point from head-end to receiver terminal, the interface could be RF, ASI, IP.

Ø         Multiview System: upto 36 programs decoding and display on screen wall

Ø         DVB ASI<->IP Gateway: real time TS-over-IP and IP conversion, with FEC protection, support multiple streams output simultaneously

Ø         Professional IRD: Integrated Receiver Decoder to convert RF(DVB-C,DVB-S/S2) to ASI or IP stream, input can also be ASI. With embedded common interface and external CAM, the output stream is descrambled to clear


*    DVB CI+/CI solutions

       Ø         CI+ Stack:is a market proven software source code

       Ø         CI+ Pre-certification Kit:perfect tool for deverloper, include: CAM, Stream and document

Ø         CI+  development toolCAM Inspector is the ideal tool for CI+ debugging, it is also CANAL READY certification tool

Ø         CI SolutionsCAM moduleCI stack,interfacechip: CIMAXSP2CIMAX+


*     DTV Testing and Certification

Ø         Receiver Compliance Test: for targeting market Pan-Europe, South Africa, South Africa, cover all Freeview related logo certification

Ø         Field Test and Virtual Field TestDVB-T/T2/C/S

Ø         DVB CI+  Certification:testing service by CI Plus LLP appointed certification lab

Ø         HbbTV Testing Service


*     Equipments and Tools

Ø         DTV Multi-standard Modulator CardDVB-T/T2/C/C2/S/S2/H, ATSC,QAM-B/C, ISDB-T/S,DTMB, CMMB etc,in PCI,PCI-e and USB format

Ø         DTV Signal Generator:to generate multi-standard signal, optional sensitivity testing and noise option

Ø         RF Recorder/Player:integrated portable set to record or playback RF signal with interference in range of 25Mhz ~ 2.7Ghz

Ø         GPS Testing:to simulate satellite GPS signal with 1- channel, 6-channel or 8-channel,ideal for GPS receiver testing



*     IPTV Testing

Ø         IPTV Signal Generator:MPEG-over-IP(UDP/RTP) stream generator for IPTV set-top box testing, suitable for IPTV equipments  and IP enabled iDTV set

Ø         IPTV Signal Analyzer:to check and diagnose if IP stream is compliant to TS-over-IP standard, support FEC

Ø         IPTV Simulator:to simulate the impaired network condition especially packet loss, delay and jitter

| Update :2018.10.18
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