IPTV Stream Analyzer

SDA-500 is ideal tool to help engineer analyze the IP stream, fast diagnostic or error guide based on MPEG-Over-IP standard. It is also helpful for IPTV Set-top box/iDTV testing



The SDA-500 IPTV Analysis Platform aids in the design, verification, manufacturing, and deployment of digital IPTV equipment and systems. It drastically shortens time to market while enabling extremely fast diagnostics and fault isolation. Covering a wide range of DTV and IP applications, the SDA-500 is the ideal solution for telecommunications operators deploying Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) and mobile TV applications, for cable/satellite/ terrestrial operators, broadcasters developing interactive TV businesses, for DTV equipment designers, and for manufacturers. The SDA-500 is available in a portable or 2 RU chassis. Depending on customer areas of interest, the SDA-500 can be configured with several types of interfaces (ASI, DVB-C/S/T/T2, Gigabit Ethernet) and dedicated real-time and offline tools (MPEG2 Transport Stream Player/ Recorder, MPEG2 Transport Stream Real-Time Analyzer, Video over IP Real Time Analyzer).



Key Features


l TR101-290 3-level real-time analysis
l Wide range of interfaces including Gigabit Ethernet/ IP, ASI(optional), RF(DVB-C/T/T2/S/S2)(optional)
l IP level analysis: MDI(Media Delivery Index) includes DF(Delay Factor)and MLR(Media Loss Rate), latency, jitter,packet loss
l Transport stream level analysis: PCR(PCR_AC, PCR_OJ,PCR_FO,PCR_DR), PSI/SI, Bandwidth(PID),Packet Interval
l Optional ES level analysis
l Stream recording for off line analysis
l Offline video quality analysis(optional)
l Mutiview to decode multi-services(optional)
l Portable and 2 RU chassis with local and remote access capabilities





l Monitor hundreds of Video over IP streams in Real-time to ensure quality of service for the entire network
l Easily and accurately pinpoint error conditions and characterize digital TV signals using the Real-time MPEG2 transport stream analyzer
l Record real-time content for off-line analysis
l Covers wide range of DTV applications including:
    Ø IPTV
    Ø Broadband TV
    Ø TV over ADSL,VDSL
    Ø IPTV Set-top box or iDTV
    Ø Home Networking

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