Blue Tooth Test Sytem

Ideal Tester for Blue Tooth Audio Product, Blue Tooth Data Product


Key Application


l BT audio end product test
l BT data end product test
l Audio end product test



Key Feature


l Support BT Mono/Stereo headset
l Support BT throughput test
l Support integrated test SW
l Simulate field test quality
l Output power & sensitivity test
l Evaluate “function key” test (Pairing, Volume Up, Volume Down…etc)
l Build in audio analyzer & generator
l Build in power meter function
l Build in frequency counter function





ADIVIC Bluetooth test equipment, MP2S01, is exquisite BT test equipment for both field testing & Mass Production testing. It has the capability of replacing many expensive instruments.
MP2S01 supports BT audio & data end product test. The GO NO GO test function support easy operation, fast test & economic cost for BT mass production test that can simplify current test.
MP2S01 also supports audio generator & analyzer that can test audio product performance.


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