MP6211E Single Channel GPS Signal Generator

To simulate single channel GPS satellite signal, ideal for GPS receiver function test, sensitivity test.


Key Features


l Product test and production total solution
l Highly automatic testing procedure
l Built-in true GPS simulator
l Adjustable RF level from -85 dBm to -145 dBm in 1 dB steps
l Doppler function select carrier frequency +/-4KHz
l Support multiple DUT connectivity (typ. 4 DUT)
   Ø One control box can control 4 DUT independent testing simultaneously
l Device integrated GPS chipset auto testing program
   Ø SiRF Star III
   Ø Atmel Antaris 4
   Ø U-Blox Antaris 4
l Firmware upgrading possible for various GPS chipset support
l Optional BT MAC address programming


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