MP9100 Multi-Channel GPS Signal Generator

Generator 1~8 channel GPS signal, perfect tool for GPS receiver testing and sensitivity measurement


l Output Frequency
l RF connector
        L1 1575.42MHz
       N-female type
l Frequency accuracy
l Master Oscillator
        +/- 0.01ppm
       Frequency: 10.23MHz
l Phase Modulation
l Thermal stability:
        0.02ppm @ -30 ~ +70°c
l Channels
l Aging:
       1 ~ 8 channels (depends on option)
       -0.1ppm/yr (0.001ppm/day)
l NAV Data
l Phase noise:
       GPS C/A code @50 bps
       -85dBc/Hz @1H
       -140dBc/Hz @100Hz
l Output RF Level (Strong)
       -150dBc/Hz @10KHz
       -55 dBm to -105 dBm in 1 dB step
l Short-term stability:
l Output RF Level (Weak)
        1.0E-011 @ 1 sec
       -95 dBm to -145 dBm in 1 dB step With
       electronic attenuator can reach to -160 dBm
        0.0E+000 @ 10 secs
l RF control
l Operating Temperature
        0 ~ 65°c

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