SDG-3000 DTV Signal Generator

SDG-3000 DTV Signal Generator is the idea tool for iDTV/STB receiver development and production

SDG-3000 Features

l Easy to use with player and modulaor integrated together
l Support multi-standards through options
l Support both H.264 and MPEG4 stream used for DVB-T
l ATSC 16VSB mode supported
l Support DVB-T2 MPLP & Single PLP
l Channel simulation(optional):White Noise & Echo noise
l Output range:-110dBm ~+10dBm for sensitivity test
l Optional LCD with touch screen(SDG-3000D)
l SCompact sized with LCD andDG-3000M


l Support Multi-standards:DVB-T/H,ATSC,DVB-C,J.83B/C,ISDB-T,CMMB,DTMB,DVB-T2/C2, DVB-S/S2,ISDB-S
l Frequency range:47 ~862MHz(Terrestrial&Cable),950~2150Mhz(Satellite)
l Output Level:104dBμv Max.(117dBuV optional)
l Output Leve Step:0.5dB(0.1dB optional)
l RF Output dynamic range:30dB(120dB optional)
l Output impedance:75/50 Ω
l Stream Player:integrated player and stream
l Packet length:raw/188/204 byte
l User friendly application interface


l iDTV/STB design and manufacturer
l TV station and content provider
l DTV ASIC and Tuner design house

Ordering Information

1.  Basic ModelSDG-3000DVB-T/C/H;ATSC,J.83B/C
2.  Model with LCD Screen: SDG-3000D
3.  Compact Sized model:SDG-3000M


1.  SDG3000-K1  (for ISDB-T)
2.  SDG3000-K2  (for DMB-T and ADTB-T)
3.  SDG3000-K3  (for DVB-T2)
4.  SDG3000-K4  (for CMMB)
5.  SDG3000-K5  (for DVB-C2)
6.  SDG3000-K6  (forDVB-S)
7.  SDG3000-K7  (for DVB-S2,include DVB-S)
8.  SDG3000-K8  (Channel Simulation)
9.  SDG3000-K9  (Sensitivity Testing)
10.SDG3000-K10 (ISDB-S)


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