CAM Inspector

An advanced and affordable development and testing tool for DVB CI/CI+ and CableCARD. Working in SPY,HOST,CAM simulation mode, with hardware logic analyzer on board



CAM Inspector is an efficient and affordable development and test tool for DVB-CI and CI+. It can spy communication on Common Interface between host and module or simulate either side.

CAM Inspector provides accurate and timed traces on data exchanged on the Common Interface. Traces span from low level logic analyzer traces of hardware signal to high level interpreted content of application objects.

Hardware probe


CAM Inspector hardware probe connect on the Common Interface using a PC Card extender.
An FPGA capture and encodes all events in a compact binary format with a micro second time stamping. Event stream is sent live to a host PC via USB 2.0 high speed interface.

Firmware on the probe performs a fast analysis on the event stream to display Common Interface status on the integrated TFT screen. The event stream can also be recorded on a micro SD-Card. These two functions do not require a computer to be attached to the probe.

QA and development teams can leverage Instant Analysis on TFT screen to quickly check that a CAM or a Host is operating properly. Use embedded recording to run long unattended test session in head end or test lab.

Probe has provision for external event input such as serial traces or IR receiver; these traces will be merged in the main event flow with accurate timing.



Simulation software


In addition of spying the bus the probe can also behave like a host or a CAM. PC software contains two standalone stack implementations for host and CAM side (stacks available separately for embedded devices).

Use the CAMeleon feature to reproduce existing CAMs. Characteristics such as CIS, buffer size, resources, timings �� can be recorded in a spy session and then used in the simulation software, this is an alternative to the "zoo" of CAMs for quickly testing host compatibility.



PC Software


CAM Inspector software reads event stream from the probe and interprets low level traces into a multi-level view. Events are displayed in a chronogram view from register level access up to interpreted content of APDUs. Software also maintains a comprehensive view of internal states such as size of link buffer
or status of currently descrambled program.

Software checks for validity of exchanged data and for timings. Timing checking spans from setup and hold time on the bus up to time out in resources.

An intuitive interface allows easy browsing of captured events using mouse or a touch screen (compatible with multi-touch screens under windows 7).

CAM Inspector software is standalone executable that can be run without install. Its native storage format is the event stream produced by the probe.






PC software can be extended by plugin DLL. Spy engine can be extended to interpret new resources, new APDUs, new table descriptors ... Simulation engine can also be extended to implement new resources or new behavior on existing resources.

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