HE-AAC目前是音频编解码发展的最前沿技术,最新的HE-AAC DVB test suite包含大量的测试码流,能够显著提高接收机的测试效率

Our MPEG-4 HE-AAC audio compliance test is designed to measure compliance for High Efficiency-Advanced Audio Coding (HE-AAC), an MPEG standard, at the forefront of technological developments in audio codec.
The standard has been widely deployed in bit rate sensitive platforms for IP delivered and TV / radio broadcast systems, such as ISDB, SBTVD, DMB, ATSC-M/H, 3GPP, HbbTV, DAB+ and Digital Radio Mondiale.
HE-AAC has become one of the most important enabling audio technologies for state-of-the-art multimedia systems. Thanks to its unique combination of high quality audio, low bit rates and audio-specific metadata support, it is the perfect audio solution even over channels with limited capacity.
l The most efficient high-quality multichannel and stereo audio codec
l Used in TV, radio, and streaming worldwide
l The perfect codec for adaptive streaming, for example Apple HLS or MPEG DASH
l In more than 6 billion devices already today
l Fully compatible with all relevant broadcast metadata



HE-AAC for DVB Test Suite


The new HE-AAC DVB test suite is built on extensive test streams and will enable efficient validation for broadcast receiver devices.
l Provides confidence in the AAC and HE-AAC conformance of any DVB broadcast receiver device
l Demonstrates conformance to D-Book and NorDig specifications regarding AAC and HE-AAC
l Demonstrates commitment to quality
l HE-AAC is a requirement for devices entering Singapore and Malaysian markets. This test suite can be used to demonstrate that those requirements have been addressed
Coverage of the test range:
l Data rate
l Sampling rate
l Channel mapping
l HE-AAC v2 support
l Analogue and digital output downmixing
l Error concealment
l Dynamic range control
l Target loudness
l AAC Support
Digital TV Labs has two HE-AAC offerings, the option to license the DVB Receiver Test Suite for HE-AAC conformance, alongside a complete testing service and report.



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